On Sunday evening, November 19, 2017 approximately 85 members attended an    

    Annual Members Event celebrating the proposed Modern additions to the Lincoln    

    Historic District at the deCordova Museum in Lincoln.

    This Annual Meeting highlighted FoMA’s collaboration with the Lincoln Historic    

    District Commission to increase the number of Modern houses in the Lincoln Historic

    District reflecting the importance and centrality of the Modern legacy within Lincoln.

    Twenty-two homeowners whose houses have been submitted for consideration for the

    Lincoln Historic District were recognized. A short slide presentation highlighted the        


    The Historic District By-law enables the Town to establish a Lincoln Historic District        

    “intended to preserve and protect as a permanent legacy the significant historical

     areas and distinctive architectural characteristics of the Town of Lincoln in their


    The purpose of the By-law is to promote the educational, cultural, economic, and    

    general welfare of the residents of Lincoln through the preservation and protection of    

    the distinctive architectural characteristics of buildings and places significant in the    

    history of the Commonwealth and of the Town, through the maintenance and    

    improvement of the settings for such buildings and places, and through the        

    encouragement of the spirit of sensitive and innovative design compatible with the    

    conceptual significance of the Town’s historical development. This By-law does not    

    seek to establish an architectural museum, but instead to inform the historical process    

    of architectural growth and adaptation with a sense of educated pride in our heritage.

    Guests enjoyed refreshments and conversation.

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