4 Twin Pond Lane, lincoln
1972 Edward C. collins II

4 twin pond lane 800 x 400


The unique, early 1960s Twin Pond Lane neighborhood was conceived by Constantin Pertzoff, and was one of his last projects before his death. It fulfilled his vision of providing small, well-built Modern houses on over-sized, lots. The landscape design firm, Mason and Fry, worked with Pertzoff to plan the naturalized cul-de-sac where houses are sited at a distance from the roadside. Pertzoff’s vision remains intact today whose homeowners have continued to appreciate the quiet and serene setting created by Pertzoff and his partner, Frances Quarton (a graduate of the first class at the Graduate School of Design/Harvard University (1943) to admit women), and the noted landscape design firm, Mason and Fry.

4 twin pond porch 300 x 200