32 tower road, lincoln
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Designed in 1936-37 and named for its original architect, the Cyrus Murphy house at 32 Tower Road is one of the earliest modernist houses in Lincoln. This bright and welcoming 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1.29-acre property was expanded by modernist architect, Henry Hoover, and was impeccably cared for by Hoover’s daughter, Lucretia Giese and her husband Paul. In 2004, Wolf Architects updated and expanded the house, and changes were also made to the site by landscape architect, Jonathan Keep, in 2006-2009.

Giese and Hoover noted in their book Breaking Ground: Henry B. Hoover, New England Modern Architect (2015):

"The decision to remodel the Murphy House, rather than demolish it, was in part a cost-saving measure and recognition of the house's historic importance. The two-story house totaling almost 2,200 square feet was nearly a cube in plan and elevation with one portion being one story. The structure was flat-roofed and completely planar without ornamentation or overhand other than a small projection over the west-facing entry. Hoover visually anchored the house to the land by adding broad overhangs that created a strong horizontality. He further enlivened the blocky house by angling exterior walls, reorienting the entry, and creating deep window recesses at ground floor level that generate a play of light and shadow inside and out." (p.96)

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