Instructions for Accessing MACRIS files

To look at individual survey records:
Click on MACRIS which is highlighted in the 3rd paragraph. This will bring you to the MACRIS Home Page.

From the MACRIS Home Page:
Click Begin Your Search; on next page, click acknowledgement at bottom of statement
On the next page, choose Lincoln from the drop down list of towns; click Add to List
Under Resource Types, select Building; Click Add to List; click Next
All of the Building Surveys for the Town of Lincoln will appear as a list, sorted alphabetically by street
Scroll to find the address you are looking for and click on the Inv. No. on the left side of the page; this will bring up a summary sheet with core information. Click on INV to see the complete survey (the survey with photos will appear in your downloads)

You can also bring up a specific building record rather than the complete list by typing in Street Number and Street Name after selecting the Town in step 2.