Interview with Cynthia Ritsher, home owner,  2016

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Cynthia and John Ritsher House, 1971-72 

Conant Road

Henry Hoover, architect

Interviewers: Lucretia Giese and Sandra Grindlay, Friends of Modern Architecture

In this interview, the former owner, Cynthia Ritsher, reflects on what it was like to work with architect, Henry Hoover in 1971-72, and to live in a Hoover-designed house.

Inspired by a landscape of open fields, the low-lying horizontal house softly sits into the gentle contours of the land. A large boulder provided the focal point—“a pinwheel”—around which the curvilinear house was designed and spun, with vistas to a meadow, and westerly, to the sunset and a small apple orchard. Characteristically, the provision for sun and shade throughout the house, in all seasons, was carefully planned.

Interviewers: Lucretia Giese and Sandra Grindlay

Listen to the audio interview here.