FoMA hosts Dr. Jean Pape and film Design That Heals

Pape 300 x 200 

On April 15, 2021 at 7:30pm the Friends of Modern Architecture/Lincoln presented, Design That Heals, a 23-minute film featuring Dr. Pape, who has dedicated his life to fighting infectious diseases in Haiti as a virtual event. When the 2010 devasting earthquake killed over 200,000 people in Haiti and experienced the largest cholera outbreak in modern history ten months later, he sought help from MASS Design Group “to create a structure that could be adapted to the needs of the people, that would have some kind of dignity, that is fully Haitian.” The Boston-based non-profit design firm responded to these unprecedented needs in a timely manner, employing local businesses and artisans to build an enlightened structure that was smart, adaptable, and brought a level of respect to health care workers and their patients and families.

We were honored to have Dr. Jean William Pape join us from Haiti after the Zoom presentation to answer questions.

Dr. Jean Bill Pape is an internationally recognized leader in the fight against HIV, serving on many prestigious committees that develop global HIV guidelines, and giving keynote addresses at many of the world’s most important scientific HIV conferences.  He was awarded the legion d’honneur by France in 2002 and was elected as a member of the USA National Academy of Medicine in 2003. He is also the recipient of the following awards: Carlos Slim Health Research, Institut de France’s Prix Christophe Mérieux, 2008 Gates Global Health, and a Clinton Global Citizen Award. In 2013, he received the WHO Stop TB Partnership Kochon Award and in 2014, Haiti’s highest honors, ‘Honneur et Mérite, Grade Commandeur’. In 2018 he was the first recipient of the new Joan and Sandy Weill Cornell Exemplary Faculty Award.

He was recently appointed to The WHO Science Council. The nine members represent a broad range of disciplines. The General Council of the World Health Organization Members are selected and appointed as acknowledged experts from around the world in the fields of basic science, translational and clinical research, social sciences, epidemiology and public health.

Our host was Scott Morgan, Executive Director of the Haitian Global Health Alliance in Support of GHESKIO. If you wish to donate to Dr. Pape's work please click the following link:


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A recording of the event is available here.