bogner poster 600 x 800

Luck was on our side as the predicted rains held off so that a large group of FoMA members could visit a trio of Bogner's Lincoln houses without getting wet. The tourees had a rare opportunity to visit three Bogner houses in one day, to compare and contrast their designs and materials. Garrick Niemiec gave a short talk on Walter Bogner to visitors at the Schwann house, which was accoustically-designed for the original owners' enjoyment of classical music. Garrick's daughter Martha played suites for solo cello by Bach to help exhibit the house's tuned interior. Our members were grateful for the rare opportunity to visit and compare a trio of special houses designed by the same architect over a ten-year time span.

2007 bogner garrick IMG 3277 300 x 200

2007 bogner cello IMG 3275 300 x 200

2007 bogner house DSC 0039 300 x 200

2007 bogner interior DSC 0066. 300 x 200