2006 spring tour hoover 600 x 800

FoMA's second event was an open house and reception at Lincoln's first modern house, built by local modernist Henry B. Hoover in 1937, months before the Gropius House was finished. It was a beautiful sunny June day for a reception and 40 members came out to hear Hoover's son Harry give a short talk about the house, partake of wine and rhubarb lemonade, enjoy the view of the Cambridge Reservoir from the terrace and meet other FoMA members and FoMA's Trustees.

2006 hoover back DSCN0036 300 x 2002006 harry DSCN0009 300 x 2002006 patio DSCN0031 300 x 200

2006 view DSCN0033 300 x 200