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Case Studies in Retrofitting Your Older House

CFREE and FoMA hosted as part of the "Getting to Zero" series:

On March 30, 2023 from 7-9 p.m., CFREE and FoMA hosted as part of the "Getting to Zero" series via Zoom. View a recording of the event here soon.

Do you have questions about where to start with retrofitting your older house to start getting to net-zero and making your home all electric?  Join CFREE and FoMA, and our panel of homeowners, builders, and architects, who will share their experiences with retrofitting their older houses and offer ideas on where to start and how to sequence renovation work.  We all learn from each other, and we hope you will come learn with us!

CFREE (Carbon Free Residential, Everything Electric) is a working group of the Lincoln Green Energy Committee dedicated to assisting homeowners work toward net-zero, all electric houses.  https://www.lincolngreenenergy.org/blog  


FoMA (Friends of Modern Architecture/Lincoln) is dedicated to education, documentation, and preservation of Lincoln’s outstanding collection of Modern houses and buildings and to helping achieve sustainability.  https://www.fomalincoln.org